How SYRIZA “read” the elections in KINAL: Loverdou’s failure is Mitsotaki’s failure

The not so accurate prediction of the polling companies in his internal party elections ΚΙΝΑΛ highlights the SYRIZA, sowing the seeds of doubt in the results of all the polls concerning the popularity of the parties and the victory show.

“The results confirmed a phenomenon that should concern us all, as it is not the first time that it happens in our country: the first in all polls does not mean the first at the ballot box,” said SYRIZA executives, commenting on Nikos’s primacy. Androulaki in the first round of the KINAL elections with a big difference from the second.

They also clarified that SYRIZA Progressive Alliance throughout the internal party elections of KINAL consciously chose not to proceed with any position or comment, respecting the internal party procedures. “We will continue the same until the completion of the second round,” they stressed.

However, as Alexis Tsipras’s associates point out, the fact that the majority of the companies that made the measurements “fell out” in their predictions about who is ahead of the KINAL presidency, showing the three leaders fighting hand to hand while showing Andreas Loverdo as a definite favorite in this process, brings great distrust to the citizens.

Still, no company had predicted the victory of Nikos Androulakis with 10 points difference until the last moment they insisted that the greater the participation of citizens in the electoral process, the more it would benefit Andreas Loverdos.

The information says that Alexis Tsipras intends to ok in his anti-government narrative and this aspect of the issue as to date he could not question the results of the measurements given that the polls had fallen in the 2019 elections.

Because however the leader of the official opposition has learned that the controversies and conflicts go nowhere instead they create more problems, he does not intend to attack the polling companies. Just at regular intervals will also remind the forecasts made for KINAL and which have not been confirmed.

Among the other conclusions reached by the officials of the official opposition is the fact that the clear anti-SYRIZA line expressed by Andreas Loverdos was defeated. It is noted that the other KINAL candidates for so long have denounced an attempt to formulate the result in favor of Mr. Loverdos by the government through the mass turnout at the polls of the New Democracy mechanism.

«Loverdou’s failure is Mitsotaki’s failure, the size of which is further illuminated if combined with the image created by the polls in the past “say Alexis Tsipras’s associates and add:” the non-election of Loverdos, which would close any debate on progressive governance especially in an electoral battle with simple analog, objectively leaves open a number of possible developments. Finally his trap anti-SYRIZA front, which Mr. Mitsotakis tries in vain to resurrect“carries the risk that the one who sets it up will eventually fall in.”


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